SABA Ager Trifolium

SABA Ager Trifolium after STORM EAGLE Gep's Big Bear's and Leo Aureus KRUSZYNA VIRTUS is a bitch from our litter C, so she grew up with us at home and with her mother. She is an extremely happy and charming bitch. SABA is a great companion and protector of our grandchildrens. She is strong and muscular, with a nice and light movement. She is a mother of litter D and E at our kennel.


Polish Champion & Polish Junior Champion

birth 12.12.2016

HD: A            ED: 0/0        OCD: free

LPN1 N/N   LPN2 N/N     LEMP N/N    LPPN3 N/N

height: 73 cm

weight: 53 kg